Frequently Asked Questions


    • How long will it take to get my order?
    • It depends on product, quantity, customization, and paper, but typically our standard turnaround time is 2 - 3 working days for most orders.
      - Business Cards: 2 days
      - Square Card: 2-3 days
      - Calendar: fast 1-2 weeks, standard 2-3 weeks
      - Brochures: 3 days
      - Flyers: 3 days
      - Posters: 2 days
      - Envelopes: 7 days
      - Letterhead: 3 days
      - T-shirt: 15 days for screen printing, 7 days for sticker
      - Banner: 3 days
    • How do I order multiple type of products?
    • For this time being, you can order different kind of products by uploading the file manually one by one on every product page.
    • How can I confirm my payment?
    • You can confirm your payment to us by email:
    • Can I cancel or change my order?
    • Files will be printed exactly as provided, customers cannot make any changes or cancel once order is placed.
    • What if I get a damaged product?
    • With 100% satisfaction guaranteed, if you’re not happy with the results (according to Terms & Conditions) you can contact us about the damage, ship the order back to us, and we’ll reprint it right away.


    • What type of files do you accept?
    • We prefer and recommend that PDF files should be provided. Regardless, any file compatible with Photoshop or Illustrator: PSD, PDF, EPS, TIFF or JPG can be processed.
    • Can Printerous send me a proof?
    • Our standard procedure is that we do not provide proofs. The understanding is that files will print exactly as provided, customers cannot make any changes once order is placed. Customers also assume all responsibility for typographical errors.
    • What type of printing do you do?
    • Digital toner based printing. With digital printing, we have many paper options, short runs, and fast turnaround times.
    • Does Printerous offer design services?
    • No, we don’t offer design services. We only accept ready-to-print designs.


    • How much does shipping cost?
    • Weight Same Day Standard
      < 5 kg IDR 25,000 IDR 9,000
      5 s/d 20 kg IDR 45,000 IDR 35,000
      20 s/d 50 kg IDR 100,000 IDR 90,000
      >= 50 kg IDR 150,000 IDR 120,000
      Free shipping for purchases above IDR 5,000,000
      *Shipping Cost for Jabodetabek
    • How can I track my order?
    • For the time being, you can track your order by phone or email.

Set Up File

    • What are your recommended file sizes for images and photos?
    • We recommend a file resolution up to 300dpi to prevent pixelated and low quality image.
    • What are your recommended file sizes for images and photos?
    • Here are how you can check it:

      - For Photoshop or JPEG files, open your file in Photoshop, clik image > Image Size. Make sure the resolution is no less than 300pixel/inch.

      - Zoom your JPEG file in Photoshop up to 150%. If it’s not pixelated, the it’s good to go.

    • What types of storage media do you accept?
    • We accept file uploads via several storage medias such as WeTransfer, Dropbox, and Google Drive. Beside those, we also accept files via email.
    • My files are very large, can I send them to you?
    • Yes, you can send us file up to 2GB using those storage media we mentioned above: WeTransfer, Dropbox, and Google Drive.
    • What is the prefered color mode or color space?
    • We recommend you to use CMYK color mode.